How it works

What is Qi Wireless Charging ?

Qi (pronounced "chee") is a wireless charging standard certified, adopted today by the majority of mobile manufacturers.

This technology uses two coils: a transmitter coil,in the charging base and a receiver coil in our device. An alternating current through the transmitter coil, creates a voltage in the receiver coil which supplies the battery of your device.

You just need to put your mobile fitted with the receiver part on the transmitor pad to start the charging process.

Schema Qi

How to use Up' Wireless Charging solutions ?

Exelium developed its wireless charging line combining astutely Qi technology and magnetic fixing.

The transmitter and receiver parts are fitted with this system, allowing with a simple gesture to fix and charge the device.

What do I need exactly ?

You just need a Up' Wireless Charging receiver solution compatible with your device and one or more Up' Wireless Charging stations.
To know easily what are the solutions compatible with your device, please check our devices compatibility list:


What are the benefits of the Up’ Wireless Charging?

Exelium proposes to its users a new mobile charging philosophy.
Now, you just “forget” your phone on one Up’ wireless Station to be sure to still have full battery.
Place your stations at strategic locations ( home, car, office ) and ensure a continuous charge to your phone.
Even better ! It still always ready to go, contrary to a wired charging.
And the benefits are more numerous :

  • The abandonment of the cable as the way of recharging
  • The conservation of the connections which are not damaged anymore by the numerous daily connections (or attempts of connections!)
  • The conservation of the battery. The supply by wireless charging stops once the battery is full.
  • The automatic centring of the receiver and transmitter parts, thanks to the magnetic fixation. No more need to adjust the contact between both parts.