The UP’ Wireless Charging is an accessories line based on the induction technology to charge your devices very easily.
The advantage of the UP’ Wireless Charging technology compared to wireless charging standard is the combination with a magnetic mounting solution that allows a quick and easy attachment and so keep your mobile phone in the desired position while charging automatically.


- What is the Qi standard?

Our UP’ Wireless Charging accessories use the Qi standard of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) which is the most important wireless charging standard in the world.
This technology uses two coils: a transmitter coil,in the charging base and a receiver coil in our device. An alternating current through the transmitter coil, creates a voltage in the receiver coil which supplies the battery of your device.


- Does the wireless charging technology can damage my device?

No. On the contrary, the wireless charging preserves the life of your battery. Charging stops by itself when the battery is full. It is possible that your device warms up a little during charging. This is quite normal because the power transmission is by induction and a part of this energy is converted to heat. Your device returns to its original temperature when the charge is finished.


- Does the UP’ magnetic holder can damage my device?

No, the magnetic system developed by EXELIUM to fix and hold your device during charging was designed a way that doesn't damage any components of your phone. The strength and position of the magnets have been studied to hold your device safely without reducing its performance and lifespan.
Only the NFC data transmission can be decreased slightly on some devices. We recommend you to bring closer a maximum the devices to improve the of NFC data transmission.


- Is my device compatible with UP’ Wireless Charging technology?

Your device is compatible with the UP’ Wireless Charging accessories if firstly it has the wireless charging receiver integrated or if he can get an original add-on.
Secondly, the size, weight and shape of the device could be a problem of compatibility with our charging solutions. To simplify, please find our compatibility list here: LIST OF COMPATIBLE DEVICES


- Why Samsung Galaxy Note devices do not seem compatible?

Only a compatibility issue with the Samsung S Pen technology is to report. Indeed, this one uses an electromagnetic technology and the magnets in our accessories can create small interferences during the S Pen use, but without damage the device. Nevertheless, we still do not recommend to use our UP’ Wireless Charging accessories with Samsung Galaxy Note devices to avoid any inconvenience.


- How fast is the wireless charging compared to the charging by wire?

The performance of wireless charging technology compared the charging by wires is 70% to 90% and automatically stops when the charge is full to save the battery life.


-  Could I let my wireless charging station powered on even if it's not in use?

Yes. The wireless charging system is only activated when the two coils are coupled together. Only the LED will remain on to indicate that the station is ready to receive your device or advise you that the charge is full.


- Is the UP’ magnetic holder can disturb the GPS signal?

The magnetic field of the magnets in receiver modules has no direct impact on the internal components of your device such as antennas, gyroscope or accelerometer. However it is possible that a calibration of the compass needs to be achieved in order to take account of the magnetic field of our accessories.
During the receiver module installation on the device, please turn off and on your device so that the calibration is performed.


- Could we use the UP’ receiver cases or receiver modules with other charging stations?

Yes, UP’ receiver modules and cases are compatible with all wireless charging stations in QI standard.
However the magnetic holder only works with UP' Wireless Charging stations.